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Results from RoundKick Rumble I
Saturday, March 5, 2005  Carroll High School Gym

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Wins IKF Title At

By IKF Event Representative Terri Storm

IKF Carroll, Iowa, USA: IKF Promoters Pete and Pam Peterson set up a great card of International and Muay Thai fights at the Carroll High School Gym in Carroll Iowa. The card was loaded with a variety of weight classes and experience levels. Great support from the community and other kickboxing camps made the night a huge success.

The main event featured two Junior Girls battling for the vacant IKF Junior Girls IR Bantamweight Central Regional Title between Lauren Herrig of Dubuque, Iowa, USA and Kayla Oudthone (Right) of Jacksonville, Arkansas USA. This was a much anticipated fight and credit has to be given to the fans who stuck it out to the end of a very long night. Oudthone's strategy was to use her legs to intimidate Herrig, but Herrig was not afraid to bridge the gap and fight toe to toe with Oudthone. In the first half of round two, Oudthone landed a spinning backfist to Herrig. In the second half, Herrig tried to advance, but Oudthone waited and was able to repeatedly stop her. In the third round, Herrig began to look tired and by the fourth round, it was all Oudthone as Herrig took an 8 count after a receiving a hard punch. The unanimous decision and vacant IKF Junior Girls IR Bantamweight Central Regional Title went to Kayla Oudthone of Jacksonville, Arkansas USA.

Here are the results of the nights bouts below.

  1. Junior Boys Lightweight IR: Tien Nguyen (Team RoundKick) Vs Michael Blake (Team Singto)
    These two young juniors opened the show with an exciting match. Blake used kicking and punching combinations while Nguyen preferred to attack the head with punches. Blake landed a solid head punch and later punched Nguyen to the ground for an 8 count. Ngyuen came out fighting hard in the second round, but Blake was able to gain control for the rest of the bout, winning in a unanimous decision.
  2. Light Middleweight MTR: Tim Gorham (Team Doyle) Vs Andy Brandl (Team Singto).
    The first Muay Thai fight of the night was a match between two experienced fighters. The first round resembled an international rules bout, but the second and thirds rounds proved to be all Muay Thai. In the second round, Gorham landed a roundkick to Brandl's head which seemed to fire up Brandl rather than slow him down. However, Gorham was able to get the upperhand during clenches and the ensuing exchanges. In the third round, Gorham again connected a roundkick to Brandl's head. Although Brandl kept up the fight, wear and tear began to show. The unanimous decision was awarded to Gorham.
  3. Junior Girls Bantamweight IR: Naomi Ferguson (Team RoundKick) Vs Kayla Carpenter (Team Singto)
    The crowd loved this fight. Two strong fighters provided constant action for this bout. Both were stronger than their size would have you believe, and both could take a hit. Carpenter may have surprised Ferguson in the opening round with her level of intensity, but Ferguson did not wait to respond and match attacks. Ferguson was able to push Carpenter back a couple of times with front kicks, but Carpenter offered strong round kicks to the body. The split decision was given to Carpenter.
  4. Junior Girls Bantamweight IR: Haley Rothmeyer (Team RoundKick) Vs Maryann Flury (Team Singto)
    This was a repeat match up of the 2004 NAC finals. From the beginning, both young ladies felt the win was theirs. However, Rothmeyer won the first round by staying inside and attacking the head. Flury came out in the second round with greater speed and tried to gain control early, Rothmeyer tried every tactic she had to stop Flury. During the third round, Flury came out again knowing she had to win the round, but Rothmeyer wanted the win too badly and won by unanimous decision. Neither one ever showed signs of being tired or wanting to stop. I would have loved to have had a punch counter on this one.
  5. Exhibition: Boys Super Welterweight Boxing: Brogan Hardy (Team RoundKick) Vs Chris Handlos (Team RoundKick)
    The first of two exhibition matches of the evening featured boxing. This was rather serious for an exhibition with 8 counts given to prove it. I can't image what a sanctioned bout would be like for these two.
  6. Woman's Middleweight MTR: Charmaine Tweet (Team Roufus) Vs Regina English (Team Doyle).
    This match up had fighters from two well know Muay Thai camps. From the get go, the clench made the difference in this fight. In round one, the ladies were getting used to each other. In round two English came out strong and Tweet was ready. Tweet was able to use her height advantage, but also was good in the clench landing strong knees to English's body. English had to know she was in for a fight. English ended up with two 8 counts from knees to the abs. In the third round, Tweet stayed on top of English and English again took an 8 count. Tweet got the unanimous decision.
  7. Junior Boys Bantamweight IR: J.T. Miller (Team RoundKick) Vs Jaden Veach (Team Singto).
    This was a tough fight for J.T. Miller, but he hung in as Jaden Veach demonstrated his boxing skills during the first round. During the second round, Veach was able to provide a flurry of unanswered attacks giving Miller two standing 8 counts. One has to hand it to Miller, however, he came out for the third round with a vengeance. In the end, Veach was awarded the unanimous decision.
  8. Junior Boys Light Heavyweight IR: Jayme Brower (Team RoundKick) Vs Austin Thomas (Team Singto).
    The fight began with even exchanges between Brower and Thomas. The second round started with Thomas in control, but Brower was able to take the lead. The third round was a repeat of the second with the unanimous decision going to Brower.
  9. Junior Boys Bantamweight IR: Derek Webber (Team RoundKick) Vs Luke Lessei (Team Singto)
    Two fast fighters met for the 9th bout of the night. Lessei was able to dominate the first round, but Webber was able to keep bringing on the fight. Webber was better able to get inside Lessei during the second round, but Lessei was able to punch and kick more effectively. In the third round, both fighters showed they were in it to win it. In the end, Lessei's ring experience benefited him well as he was given the unanimous decision, but Webber showed he has what it takes.
  10. Middleweight MTR: Andy Uhlenkamp (Team RoundKick) Vs Jason Skowl (Team Decatur)
    Another exciting Muay Thai match. Skowl showed from the beginning that he wanted to be the aggressor and used strong leg kicks. Uhlenkamp was able to use his height in a clench. Both were able to land knees to the body. Round two began with an exchange of leg kicks followed by all out boxing. It looked like someone was going to be knocked out, but it was anyone's guess at who. During the third round, the battle was on and the blood poured. The unanimous decision was earned by Uhlenkamp.
  11. Junior Girls Middleweight IR: Allie Oudthone (Team Prathet) Vs Mariah Betts (Team Singto)
    A 2004 NAC champion faced an eager Allie Oudthone looking to improve her record. Oudthone used her height and legs to try and shake Betts's confidence. Betts began the second round with more confidence, but both fighters seemed cautious of each other. In the final round, Betts took early control of the fight challenging Oudthone's ability to regroup. Betts landed several kicks to Oudthone's abs. At the end of the round, Oudthone did regroup with strong kicks and punches that seemed to come out of nowhere. Betts won the split decision.
  12. Cruiserweight MTR: Kyle Weickhardt (Team Roufus) Vs Henry Bierman (Team Singto).
    Two very powerful fighters met in the 12th bout. In the second round, Weickhardt was accidentally hit in the groin and then impacted by a leg kick that seemed to leave his strength dwindling. Weickhardt ended the round, however, with a left round kick to Bierman's head. Figuring out what works, Weickhardt landed another strong roundkick on Bierman's head and referee Mike Storm began a standing 8 count. Soon it was realized that the kick impacted Bierman too much and the contest was stopped at 1:46 in the third round. Weickhardt was given the win.
  13. Super Middleweight IR: Dave Muhlbauer (Team RoundKick) Vs David Gotlich (Team Rising Phoenix)
    Muhlbauer began this fight as the aggressor and dominated the first round. In the second, Muhlbauer was able to effectively land both kicks and punches frequently and effectively. In the third round, Gotlich was able to bloody Muhlbauer's nose, Muhlbauer was still giving it everything he had. The unanimous decision went to Muhlbauer.
  14. Exhibition: Junior Girls Welterweight IR: Ann Graff (Team RoundKick) Vs Erica Ousley (Team Prathet).
    This fight was originally scheduled to be a sanctioned fight between Graff and Ousley. However, due to Ousley weighing in too much above Graff, the fight could not be sanctioned and the respective coaches agreed to an exhibition. Ousley was able to use height and reach to punch Graff's head. Graff was able to handle the hits and fight back. Graff led the second round with an overhand right to Ousley's head. Ousley was able to fight back strong until she lost her contact. The third round of this exhibition was cancelled due to the lost contact.
  15. Super Heavyweight MTR: Brad Bragg (Team Decatur) Vs Rafael Czaplicki (Team Roufus)
    The fight opened with Czaplicki working the center of Bragg's body. During the second round, Czaplicki worked leg kicks and was able to block Bragg's spinning backfists. Czaplicki was patient in looking for opportunities. In the third round, Bragg was looking to score points and was very committed to his attacks. Bragg tried winning in the clench, but the clenches weren't clean enough to last. At the end of the fight, Bragg landed a spinning backfist to Czaplicki's head. Czaplicki won by split decision.
  16. Super Heavyweight MTR: Matt Huffman Vs Chuck Baxter (Team Singto)
    This was the fastest match of the night. Baxter was very powerful and dropped Huffman to the canvas with a punch to the head. Referee Carl Duncan stopped the contest at 57 seconds in the first round.