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RoundKick Rumble XIII
"Night of Knock Outs"
Saturday, November 8, 2008
Val Air Ballroom, West Des Moines IA
Doors open at 6, Fights start at 7:30

Full Rules Pro Muay Thai
Sanctioned by the TBA-SA & the state of Iowa Athletic Commission

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Val Air Ballroom
63rd & Ashworth

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Fight Line up
This is NOT the order of the bouts and are subject to change.
Fighter 1 Weight Class/Rules Fighter 2

Able Mahaffey
Team RoundKick
Super Middle Wt.

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Joel Blair
Team DeVore

Chris Moore
Team RoundKick

Super Heavy Wt.

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Doug Smith
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Tristan Langmaid
Team RoundKick
Scored Exhibition

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Jacob Zika
Team RoundKick

Matt Falwitch
Mamas Boyz
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Sean Wright
Team DeVore

Justin Harnden
Team RoundKick
Super Heavy Wt.

Bout Sponsored By:
1031 Office Park Road, Suite 1
West Des Moines, IA 50265

Zach Johnson
Mamas Boyz

Missy Biggerstaff
Team RoundKick
Light Wt.

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9900 Hickman Road
Des Moines, IA 50325
Ph: (877) 258-1164

Gail Alleman
Team DeVore

Cory McDonald
Team RoundKick - Urbandale
Light Middle Wt.

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7611 Douglas Ave, Ste 22
Urbandale IA
Ph: 515-276-5254

Josh Moos
Team RoundKick - Pleasant Hill

Brandon Pfannenstial
Mamas Boyz
Welter Wt.

Bout Sponsored By:

4100 Merle Hay Road
Des Moines Ia
Ph: 515-270-5860

Josh Spain
Team DeVore

Tyler Tompkins
Team RoundKick

Super Middle Wt.

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2635 Hubbell Ave, Des Moines, IA
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Steven Anderson
ISU Muay Thai Club

Stephan Kerby
Team RoundKick
Super Heavy Wt.

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Luke Schollmeyer
Mama's Boyz

Mark DeLuca
Fight Record: 11-5-1/7 KO's
Khaay Muay Sit-Kangmongkorn
Pittsburg PA

World Title Fight

Super Light Wt.

Bout Sponsored By:

50th & Mills Civic Parkway
West Des Moines IA
Ph: 515-440-0455

Raul Llopis, Defending Champion
Fight Record: 36-9-0/18 KO's
Young Tiger Muay Thai
Miami FL

Josh Atwell
Team RoundKick
Jamaica IA
Super Welter Wt.

Bout Sponsored By:


7611 Douglas Ave, Ste 22
Urbandale IA
Ph: 515-276-5254

Al Rojas
Team Toro
Chicago IL
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Event Results

RoundKick Rumble XIII
Night of Knockouts

         The Val Air Ballroom in West Des Moines, Iowa was the place to be on Saturday, November 8, 2008 when Pete and Pam Peterson brought fighters from Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Florida to battle it out on a fight card featuring professional as well as amateur Muay Thai warriors.  The co-main event introduced two fighters to their Professional Muay Thai debut when Josh “Jigsaw” Atwell from Iowa stepped into the ring with Al “El Matador” Rojas from Romeoville, Illinois.  The main event was a Professional World Title match-up where Verona, Pennsylvania native Mark DeLuca stepped into the ring against the defending champion from Miami, Florida, Juan Raul Llopis for the Thai Boxing Association-Sanctioning Authority Men’s Professional Muay Thai World Lightweight Title.  The results of the night…

 Bout# 1          Men’s Amateur Light Heavyweight

 Able Mahaffey, 3-7-0, 5’11”, 178 lbs, 30, Altoona, IA, Pete Peterson, 712-304-0457
Joel Blair, 3-0-0, 6’1”, 176 lbs, 27, Mt. Zion, IL, Jeff DeVore, 219-864-5858

 Round 1      As the round began, Blair moved forward and threw straight punches to the head and body of Mahaffey.  Mahaffey responded with leg kicks to slow Blair down.  Blair continued to press forward and proved to be the aggressor in the round.  Mahaffey threw an occasional front kick (teep) to Blair’s body to keep Blair at a manageable distance but Blair continued to move forward as he threw his punches.  In a close round, two judges gave the edge to Blair.

Round 2      Mahaffey opened with a series of leg kicks and knees to Blair’s body in an effort to stall Blair’s aggressiveness.  Blair moved forward as he threw his punches and pinned Mahaffey against the ropes where they exchanged several knees before separating.   Blair stepped back and connected with a right hook to the head of Mahaffey which knocked Mahaffey back but not down.  In another close round, all judges gave the edge to Blair.       

Round 3      Blair continued to move forward as the aggressor in this round but Mahaffey started using his hands along with the leg kicks to counter Blair’s aggressiveness.  Mahaffey was able to use a left jab to successfully keep Blair at a safe distance throughout most of the round.  With Blair at a manageable distance, Mahaffey landed a couple of hooks that landed squarely on Blair’s head.  As the round ended, Mahaffey landed a left/right combination to the face of Blair.  It was a better round for Mahaffey with two of the judges giving him the edge in the round.  The judges scored the fight 27-30, 29-28 and 28-29.

Winner by Split Decision—Joel Blair


 Bout# 2          Men’s Amateur Super Heavyweight

 Chris Moore, 1-0-0, 6’3”, 289 lbs, 28, Urbandale, IA, Pete Peterson, 712-304-0457
Doug Smith, 0-1-0, 6’4”, 360 lbs, 24, Decatur, IL, Jeff DeVore, 219-864-5858

 Round 1      Smith moved forward using his weight advantage throughout most of the round to try and pin Moore against the ropes and lean on him while throwing punches to the head and knees to the body.  Moore was able to move sideways to avoid Smith and land several punches to Smith’s head and body.  Smith landed a spinning backfist to Moore’s body but Moore was able to move around and land a series of punches to Smith’s face as the round ended.  All judges scored the round for Moore.

Round 2      Smith threw a couple of leg kicks followed by a series of punches to Moore’s head that backed Moore up as the round began.  Moore survived the early attack and was able to move around the ring to get away.  As the round progressed, both fighters showed signs of heavy fatigue.  When they got close, they would tie up and lean on each other.  Moore typically got the better in clinches when he was able to land several knees to Smith’s body while on the inside.  In a close round, two judges gave the edge to Moore.

Round 3      With both fighters extremely tired, Smith moved forward and threw hooks at Moore’s head.  Moore answered with straight left/right punches to the head and face of Smith.  Smith would get close enough to wrap his arms around Moore and lean on him and they exchanged knees.  Moore pushed Smith off and continued to punch Smith in the head.  Moore was able to land a left/right combination to Smith’s face as the bell rang to end the round.  Both fighters staggered back to their corners from exhaustion.  The judges scored the fight 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

Winner by Unanimous Decision—Chris Moore


Bout# 3          Junior Boy’s Exhibition

          Tristan Langmaid and Jacob Zika put on a fine display of muay thai for the crowd as they stepped in the ring and fought each other as if it were a real fight.  They excited the crowd and made a good showing for themselves as everyone cheered them when both boys’ hands were raised at the end.


 Bout# 4          Boy’s Junior Welterweight

Matt Falewitch, 1-2-1, 5’0”, 84 lbs, 11, LaVista, NE, Aaron Cerrone,
Sean Wright, 0-0-1, 88 lbs, 12, Mt. Zion, IL, Jeff DeVore, 219-864-5858

Round 1      Falewitch appeared to be happy using his kicks to the legs head and body of Wright throughout most of the round.  Wright wanted to use his height and reach to get inside and punch Falewitch to the head and body.  Falewitch seemed to be successful with his strategy until Wright got in too close, wrapped his arms around Falewitch’s neck and landed a well placed knee to Falewitch’s body which put him down and earned him an 8-count from Referee Carl Duncan.  Falewitch got up and used a series of front kicks, round kicks and reverse sidekicks on a determined Wright who tried to end the fight early by pressing the attack.  The 8-count earned Wright the edge on all judges’ cards.

Round 2      Falewitch appeared to change his tactics this round.  A confident looking Wright moved forward to press the fight on Falewitch but Falewitch, instead of backing up, would take a step forward and meeting Wright half way.  Falewitch repeatedly landed the first blow in every exchange between the two fighters.  Wright threw hooks which allowed Falewitch to shoot the straight left/right combinations between Wright’s hands to hit Wright in the face and head.  Falewitch’s blows didn’t appear to do a lot of damage but they certainly scored big points with all of the judges earning him the edge in the round.

Round 3      Falewitch continued in this round where he left off in the last.  The crisper, more accurate puncher, he again beat Wright to the punch and built up the points by landing blows first and more often.  All judges scored the fight 28-28.

This fight was scored a Draw


Bout# 5          Men’s Super Heavyweight

 Justin Harnden, 0-1-0, 6’2”, 229 lbs, 28, Urbandale, IA, Able Mahaffey
Zachary Johnson, 1-1-0, 6’0”, 233 lbs, 20, Omaha, NE, Aaron Cerrone

 Round 1      The round began with both fighters throwing wild but ineffective punches at each other.  As the action settled down, they threw more deliberate techniques with more specific targets in mind.  They exchanged leg kicks and a series of punches to each others head and body.  When in the clinch, Harnden was able to land more knees to Johnson’s body which probably gave him the edge in the round on all score cards. 

Round 2      Both fighters settled down in this round.  Harnden threw a series of left/right combinations to the head of Johnson and then Johnson would answer with combinations of his own.  They went back and forth in the first part of the round but as the round went on, Johnson’s blows appeared to have more effect on Harnden than Harnden’s did on Johnson.  When Harnden would hit Johnson, Johnson would take it and then respond by backing Harnden across the ring with blows that eventually caused Harnden to tie Johnson up to stall the attack.  Two judges gave the edge in the round to Johnson.

Round 3      Harnden attacked Johnson with one and two punch shots.  Johnson would respond with three and four punch shots.  Harnden attempted to pin Johnson against the ropes and knee him to the body but Johnson spun out and land more blows to Harnden’s face that bloodied Harnden’s nose.  Once the blood started, Johnson focused on the face.  He continued the attack on Harnden’s face and was able to smear the blood possibly making it difficult for Harnden to see and breathe as the round came to a close.  In a close fight, the judges scored 28-29, 29-28 and 28-29.

Winner by Split Decision—Zach Johnson


Bout# 6          Women’s Amateur Light Welterweight

 Missy Biggerstaff, 2-1-0, 5’7”, 138 lbs, 21, Pleasant Hill, IA, Pete Peterson, 712-304-0457
Gail Alleman, 0-1-0, 5’7” 139 lbs, 43, Mt. Zion, IL, Jeff DeVore, 219-864-5858

Round 1      Alleman appeared to be the stronger of the two fighters.  She moved forward with blows to Biggerstaff’s body forcing Biggerstaff back.  When Alleman got too close, Biggerstaff would clinch and try to throw knees to Alleman’s body.  Alleman was able to throw her off and continue as the aggressor.  All judges gave the edge in the round to Alleman.

Round 2      Alleman continued to press forward as she did in the first round but Biggerstaff was able to use the ring to maneuver herself out of reach of the power shots that Alleman was throwing.  Biggerstaff’s counter punching scored enough points to give her the edge in the round on all judges’ cards.

Round 3      Biggerstaff felt her confidence grow in the last round.  She started this round by initiating most of the exchanges.  Beating Alleman to the punch, Biggerstaff repeatedly landed left/right combinations to the head and face of Alleman.  Alleman threw some wild shots at Biggerstaff but few had any effect which earned Biggerstaff the edge in the round.  All judges scored the fight 29-28.

Winner by Unanimous Decision—Missy Biggerstaff


Bout# 7          Men’s Amateur Light Middleweight

 Cory McDonald, 1-0-0, 5’9”, 155 lbs, 18, Des Moines, IA, Pete Peterson, 712-304-0457
Joshua Moos, 0-1-0, 6’0”, 158 lbs, 17, Colfax, IA, Able Mahaffey

Round 1      As the fight started, the fighters exchanged techniques blow for blow.  Eventually they settled down and began picking their shots.  Moos would throw kicks to the legs and body of McDonald but McDonald would walk through and land power punches to Moos’ body and leg kicks that backed Moos across the ring.  Moos threw a kick at McDonald which McDonald caught and punched Moos back into the corner with his free hand.  McDonald finished the round with powerful leg kicks that had Moos backing away as the round ended.  Two judges gave the edge to McDonald in the round.

Round 2      McDonald started as he finished the last round.  He inched toward Moos and threw powerful leg kicks and then followed up with left/right combinations to Moos’ head.  Moos was able to land a couple of left/right combinations of his own but not enough to be effective.  McDonald’s leg kicks where strong enough to buckle the legs of Moos and on several occasions it appeared that the ropes were all that kept Moos from going down.  All judges scored the round for McDonald.

Round 3      This round continued where the last ended.  McDonald continued to move forward as he appeared to be unphased by Moos’ counter-punching.  McDonald’s leg kicks forced Moos to clinch and try to throw knees to McDonalds body but most of the damage had already been done by McDonald.  The judges scored the fight 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28.

Winner by Unanimous Decision—Cory McDonald



Bout# 8          Men’s Amateur Welterweight

 Brandon Pfanenstial, 1-1-0, 5’9”, 147 lbs, 21, Omaha, NE, Aaron Cerrone
Josh Spain, 4-7-0, 5’6”, 146 lbs, 28, Mt. Zion, IL, Jeff DeVore, 219-864-5858

 Round 1      Pfanenstial, the taller of the two fighters, was able to keep the more aggressive Spain away using his front kick (teep) to the body of Spain.  Spain tried to close the distance but was unable to land very many effective blows because of Pfanenstial’s ability to use his teep as he would a jab.  When Spain was able to get close enough, Pfanenstial would tie him up, turn him and push him away.  All judges gave the round to Pfanenstial.

Round 2      Spain was more determined to get inside on Pfanenstial this round.  He charged in with his head down and pinned Pfanenstial up against the ropes causing a clinch.  Pfanenstial was able to land several effective knees to the body while in the clinch and then push Spain away.  He continued to use his teep and left jabs to keep Spain away effectively enough to earn him the edge on all cards.

Round 3      The last round was a sloppily fought round with Spain charging forward with his head down forcing Pfanenstial to push his head either down further or to the side.  A lot of wrestling and rolling around on the ropes forced Referee Terri Storm to continually stop the stalling and restart them in the center of the ring.  All judges scored the fight 30-27.

Winner by Unanimous Decision—Brandon Pfanenstial



Bout# 9          Men’s Amateur Super Middleweight

 Tyler Tompkins, 0-1-0, 5’7”, 169 lbs, 27, Urbandale, IA, Pete Peterson, 712-304-0457
Steven Anderson, 2-0-0, 5’8”, 170 lbs, 21, Ames, IA, Dan Koong, 319-210-9466

 Round 1      An evenly matched pair of fighters, they exchanged punches, kicks and even knees and punches in the clinch throughout the round with neither able to overpower the other.  The judges gave a slight edge to Anderson in the round.  

Round 2      This round was more defined as each fighter appeared to have a plan of attack in mind.  Tompkins threw more leg kicks followed up by jabs to the face and body of Anderson while Anderson was focused on left/right combinations to the head and body of Tompkins.  When they clinched, not much happened for either fighter so they broke and continued with their battle plan.  The more effective leg kicks by Tompkins are possibly what gave him the edge in the round on two of the judges’ cards.

Round 3      Tompkins continued to throw kicks at Anderson’s legs but Anderson was able to avoid most of the shots.  He slid inside and landed a series of left/right combinations to the head of Tompkins which forced Tompkins to clinch.  While in the clinch, Anderson landed several effective knees to Tompkins’ body and followed them up with upper cuts to the head.  As the round ended, Anderson finished with a three punch combination to the head of Tompkins.  The judges scored the fight 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27.

Winner by Unanimous Decision—Steven Anderson



Bout# 10        Men’s Amateur Super Heavyweight

Stephan Kerby, 1-0-0, 6’7”, 251 lbs, 36, West Des Moines, IA, Pete Peterson, 712-304-0457
Luke Schollmeyer, 0-2-0, 6’2”, 246 lbs, 39, Omaha, NE, Aaron Cerrone

 Round 1      Both big guys started the round cautiously.  They appeared to not want to test the power of the other.  Kerby, the taller of the two, threw a lot of punches from the outside. They seemed almost too far away to be effective.  Schollmeyer had to move in close to land punches and on two occasions he knocked Kerby’s mouthpiece out of his mouth earning Kerby a warning not to let it come out again.  Kerby started throwing leg kicks to keep Schollmeyer away but Schollmeyer kept throwing the combinations at Kerby.  As the round ended, Schollmeyer kicked Kerby to the body as Kerby was winding up and letting a punch fly to Schollmeyer’s head.  The punch landed on the side of Schollmeyer’s head and knocked him down just after the bell rang.  Since it was after the bell, no 8-count was issued.  Schollmeyer got up and moved to his corner. Two of the judges gave the edge in the round to Schollmeyer.

Round 2      After Referee Mike Storm checked to see if Schollmeyer was ready to continue, Schollmeyer said he was.  As the bell rang to begin the round, Kerby came across the ring and landed a powerful punch to the jaw of Schollmeyer that put him down and out forcing Referee Mike Storm to stop the fight at :05 seconds into the round

Winner by Knockout—Stephan Kerby



Bout# 11        Men’s Professional Lightweight TBA-SA World Title Fight

 Mark DeLuca, 12-6-1, 5’10”, 136 lbs, 24, Verona, PA, Stephen Strotmeyer, 412-398-5436
Juan Raul Llopis, 36-10-0, 5’10”, 136 lbs, Miami, FL, Manuel Lopez

 Round 1      In the first of five rounds, neither fighter was anxious to start out fast.  Llopis landed punches to DeLuca’s head and body but when it appeared Llopis would start to take control, DeLuca would land leg kicks and teeps to stop and neutralize Llopis’ attack.  Llopis tried leg kicks of his own but many were blocked by DeLuca.  In a close round, two judges gave the edge to DeLuca.

Round 2      Similar to the first round except Llopis was able to land his leg kicks more often along with his punches to DeLuca’s head.  Llopis caught one of DeLuca’s kicks and jumped in to land a solid punch to DeLuca’s head.  DeLuca was still able to land teeps and leg kicks as in the first round but not enough to hold Llopis back.  All judges gave the round to Llopis.          

Round 3      Battle plans for each fighter had not changed much from the beginning of the fight.  DeLuca was content to use leg kicks and teeps to counter Llopis attacks.  Llopis throwing punches at DeLuca but many were blocked, missed or had little damaging effect on DeLuca.  Llopis was able to catch a couple of Deluca’s kicks and dump him but DeLuca popped right back up.  In another close round, two of the judges gave the edge to DeLuca.

Round 4      A more active round by both fighters as the pace picked up.  DeLuca continued to kick at Llopis head, body and legs.  He landed a few good kicks to each but the majority of the shots were effectively blocked by Llopis.  Llopis was able to close the gap and land some kicks and punches of his own forcing a clinch where both fighters were kneeing the other with good shots.  DeLuca did land one good knee to Llopis body but throughout the round, Llopis probably landed more which earned him the edge on two of the judges cards in the round.

Round 5      DeLuca appeared determined to be the aggressor in the round.  He came toward Llopis with leg kicks and managed to kick Llopis’ legs out on a couple of occasions.  Llopis answered with kicks and then tied DeLuca up.  In the clinch, both fighters landed good knees to the others body and then they separated.  DeLuca was able to wrap his arms around Llopis head and throw him down but Llopis popped back up.  DeLuca continued to try to impress the judges by moving forward as the bell rang to end the fight.  All judges gave the round to DeLuca.  The judges scored the fight 48-47, 47-48 and 48-47.

Winner by Split Decision

New TBA-SA Professional Muay Thai

Lightweight Champion

Mark DeLuca



Bout# 12        Men’s Professional Super Welterweight

 Josh Atwell, 0-1-0, 152 lbs, 26, Iowa, Pete Peterson, 712-304-0457
Al Rojas, 1-0-0, 5’11”, 152 lbs, 27, Romeoville. IL, Ricardo Perez, 630-640-2686

 Round 1      Rojas, the taller of the two fighters, used his longer legs to kick Atwell in his legs and body.  By doing so, he effectively kept Atwell at a safe distance throughout most of the round rendering many of Atwell’s attacks less effective.  Atwell did manage to close the gap on a couple of occasions and clinch with Rojas where they traded knees.   Rojas was able to land a series of knees to Atwell’s body and then Atwell’s head which put him down.  When he was slow getting up, Referee Mike Storm issued Atwell a standing 8-count which gave Rojas the edge in the round.

Round 2      Atwell appeared to want to be the aggressor but many of his attacks started from far outside allowing Rojas to block or avoid them.  Rojas used his long legs to kick Atwell’s legs.  Although neither fighter threw many damaging blows in the round, two of the judges felt that Rojas landed the more effective blows and gave him the edge in the round.

Round 3      As Rojas threw the leg kicks, Atwell was able to get inside and land some left/right combinations to Rojas head and backed him up.  Atwell was able to catch a Rojas kick and kick the supporting leg out from under Rojas causing him to wince in pain but Rojas was able to pop back up.  Both fighters finished the last ten seconds of the round with a flurry of punches and knees but Atwell took the round with his aggressiveness and more effective striking on all cards.  The judges scored the fight 27-29, 27-29 and 28-28.

Winner by Majority Decision—Al Rojas