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RoundKick Rumble IV
"Fighting For Freedom: A Tribute to Our Troops"
Saturday, January 28, 2006
The National Guard Armory
1712 Le Clark Road (Hwy 30 West), Carroll IA

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Fighter 1 Weight Class/Rules Fighter 2

Kenny "The Assassin" Hansen
Audubon IA
Team RoundKick, Carroll
The Battle of The Brothers

Super Heavyweight

Jared "The Tank" Hansen
Audubon IA
Team RoundKick, Carroll
Chad Jones
Team Uhlenkamp
Cedar Falls IA
Muay Thai

Miguel Cruz
Team Toro, Chicago IL

Ann "Annimal" Graff
Carroll IA
Team RoundKick Carroll
Muay Thai Rules
Sarah Kennedy
Minneapolis MN
Minnesota Kali Group

Able Mohaffy
Des Moines IA
Lt. Cruiserweight
International Rules
Mike Hynes
(More information to come)

Eric Schroeder
Coon Rapids IA
Team RoundKick Carroll
Amateur MMA Exhibition
Mike Duffy
Minneapolis MN

Aaron Olsen
Breda IA
Team RoundKick Carroll
Super Middleweight
International Rules
Will Buelow
Minneapolis MN
Minnesota Kali Group

Roo "Bad Girl" Sturm
Lake View IA
Lt. Welterweight

Katie Vogel
Minnesota Mixed Martial Arts
Minneapolis MN

Jeff Cunningham
Boone IA
Team RoundKick Carroll
Lt Heavyweight
International Rules

Langdon Stahle
Minneapolis MN
Minnesota Kali Group

Trirata “Chai” Earmsmuth
Active Edge Martial Arts
Lansing IL
Super Heavyweight
Muay Thai Rules

Rudy Rogers
Minnesota Kali Group
Minneapolis MN

Andy Uhlenkamp
Cedar Fall IA
Former Team RoundKick Fighter

Light Middleweight
Muay Thai Rules

REMATCH from RoundKick Rumble I!
March 2005
Andy won an unanimous Decision over Jason... Both have been training since then.... Who will win this one?

Jason Skow
Decatur IL


RoundKick Rumble IV
Tribute to Our Troops

Saturday, January 28, 2006 - Carroll, IA, USA

By IKF Representatives Mike & Terri Storm: Pete and Pam Peterson did it again with their fourth Roundkick Rumble. The event honoring America's Troops was held at the Carroll, Iowa National Guard Armory to a near sell out crowd. New and experienced fighters from Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota displayed their talents in several exciting Muay Thai and International Rules matches that left the crowd anticipating the next card. Here are the nights results below:

  1. Men's Amateur IR Super Heavyweight

    Kenny Hansen, Audubon, IA, USA (252, 6'0", 19, 08-02-86, Pete Peterson, (712) 792-8178) versus Jared Hansen, Audubon, IA, USA (252, 6'0", 18, 08-23-87, Pete Peterson, (712) 792-8178).
    The first fight of the night was an exhibition match between brothers Kenny and Jared Hansen. Kenny opened the bout with a strong roundkick to Jared's side and then an exchanged of punches and kicks ensued. It was easy to tell the brothers knew each others' moves and were not afraid to take a swing at each other. In the second round Jared began throwing the stronger techniques. As the round continued Kenny dug deep and began generating more power. Both could take a hit and were more concerned with striking each other than not getting hit. In the final round there were courteous exchanges and either one could take the round. Kenny backed Jared across the ring until Jared circled back and moved Kenny around the ring. It was a solid display to open the fight card.

  2. Junior Boy's Amateur MT Bantamweight
    Miguel Cruz, Hinsdale, IL, USA (3-1, 123, 13, 08-24-92, Ricardo Perez, (630) 640-2686) defeated Chad Jones, Cedar Falls, IL, USA (0-1, 120, 5'3", 15, Andy Uhlenkamp, (712) 790-7120) by TKO.
    In the only junior bout of the night, Miguel Cruz met Chad Jones. At the opening bell, Jones came across the ring swinging with a fury intending to overwhelm Cruz and end the fight early. Cruz was able to maintain his composure and responded by knocking Jones down with a punching combination that earned Jones an 8 count. Jones, undiscouraged, rebounded quickly and again attacked ferociously. However, Jones overzealousness was countered by Cruz's experience as Cruz lands several unanswered punches to Jones earning Jones another 8 count. Jones again fought back hard and bravely, but in the end he was defeated as referee Carl Duncan stopped the bout at 1:06 in the first round.

  3. Women's Amateur MT Welterweight
    Ann Graff, Carroll, IA, USA (3-2, 146.5, 5'8", 18, 10-12-87, Pete Peterson, (712) 792-8178) defeated Sarah Kennedy, Minneapolis, MN, USA (0-1 152, 5'6", 30, 01-09-76, Diana Rathborne, (612) 821-6800) by split decision 28-29, 29-28 & 29-28.
    The first of two women's matches of the evening demonstrated the skills of two strong ladies. Graff struck first, but Kennedy struck hard using both hands and knees in the opening round. Graff stayed focused on the center line of Kennedy's body and head. Kennedy preferred to fight in the clench as Graff had to adjust her positioning inside due to her height before she was able to fight in close. Both Graff and Kennedy were ready to start the second round. After a clumsy opening, Graff was able to use more of her strategy to score. Undaunted, Kennedy kept with her attack plan of trying to get inside and working the clench. Graff was able to keep Kennedy at a distance for long periods of time. Both fighters recognized their strengths and worked for a win. In the final round, both fighters continued working hard and didn't let fatigue get in their way. Kennedy pushed in close as Graff tried to keep her at bay with jabs. Kennedy then began working Graff's legs but lowered her arms allowing Graff to land a strong right to Kennedy. Kennedy responded by forcing a clench. The fighters were tired but in the final 10 seconds they were able to turn up the heat and empty their tanks. Graff won the split decision.

  4. Men's Amateur IR Light Cruiserweight
    Michael Hynes, Iowa City, IA USA (1-0, 185, 5'10", 25, 02-16-1980) defeated Able Mohaffy, Des Moines, IA, USA (1-1, 186, 5'11", 27, 08-08-1978, Matt Finch, (515) 238-7619) by TKO.
    This fight started and ended with a lot of energy. Both fighters were fit and intense. Hynes moved quickly around the ring throwing fast strikes and Mohaffy covered and countered. Mohaffy appeared to be testing Hynes's techniques as Hynes was trying to wear down Mohaffy with multiple punches. Hynes was able to back Mohaffy into the corner with several unanswered punches before Mohaffy was given an 8 count. In the second round, Mohaffy and Hynes exchanged blows, strong punching to the body leaned Mohaffy forward offering his head to Hynes. Mohaffy was overwhelmed by the strikes to his head and was given another 8 count. Hynes was energized, but Mohaffy still had some fight in him and another exchanged occurred. In the end, Hynes again backed Mohaffy into the corner and Mohaffy couldn't respond. Referee Mike Storm stopped the fight at 1:18 in the second round.

  5. Men's Amateur MMA Exhibition
    Eric Schroeder, Coon Rapids, IA, USA (1-0, 186, 25, 03-31-1980, Pete Peterson, (712) 792-8178) vs Mike Duffy, Minneapolis, MN, USA (0-1, 196, 31, 01-01-1975, Diana Rathborne, (612) 821-6800).
    The second exhibition of the night opened with quick jabs followed by a failed takedown attempt by Schroeder. Schroeder was able to land two good punches to Duffy's head getting the crowd excited. Duffy recovered while in a clench at the rope. The exhibition was stopped at 2:13 of the first round.

  6. Men's Amateur IR Super Middleweight
    Aaron Olsen, Breda, IA, USA (0-1, 168, 6'0", 15, 04-02-1990 Pete Peterson, (712) 792-8178) was defeated by Will Buelow, Minneapolis, MN, USA (1-0, 165.5 6'0", 21, 06-11-1987, Nat McIntyre) by TKO.
    Both first time fighters began round 1 confidently with solid skills and good ring generalship. Buelow pushed Olsen back with a kick to the abs. Olsen, a little shaken, received an 8 count after getting punched in the face, turning away and not fighting. In the second round, Olsen evaded a roundkick and delivered one of his own to Buelow only to be countered by a Buelow sidekick. Olsen aggressively tried to make up for the 8 count in the first round. However in his attempt he often walked into or reached in too far as Buelow was able to land superior body shots. Eventually, Buelow delivered a front kick to the abs which doubled Olsen over and lead to an 8 count. A second 8 count was given to Olsen when a final bodyshot convinced referee Carl Duncan to stop the fight at 1:47 in the second round.

  7. Women's Amateur MT Light Welterweight

    Marie Sturm, Lake View, IA, USA (1-0, 140 5'4", 23, 01-03-1983, Pete Peterson, (712) 792-8178) defeated Katie Vogel, Minneapolis, MN, USA (3-2, 140, 5'6", 26, 11-03-1979, Greg Nelson, (763) 560-5696) by split decision 28-29, 30-27 & 29-28.
    The second women's fight of the card also started out strong. Vogel tried to use her reach advantage to keep Sturm away and then throw an overhand right. Sturm was able to swipe Vogel's hand out of the way and respond with upper cuts and jabs to the body and head. As the round continued, the fight got closer with short clenches with a lot of knees. Sturm was able to stop Vogel with push kicks twice before the bell. During the second round Vogel used her height more effectively and attacked to the head. Sturm answered with a leg attack. Vogel fought solidly even though the crowd shouted "Roo" in support of their hometown favorite. Round three began fast with Sturm landing a spinning backfist to Vogel's head. Vogel then tried to regain control with knees in the clench. Combinations dwindled to single techniques until half way through the final round when both fighters turned up the gas. The last 10 seconds left both ladies fighting for the win. Katie Vogel and Marie Sturm fought in what was the closest and most evenly matched fight of the night, the split decision was given to Sturm.

  8. Men's Amateur IR Light Heavyweight

    Jeff Cunningham, Boone, IA, USA (1-2, 174.5, 28, 07-30-1977, Pete Peterson, (712) 792-8178) defeated Langdon Stahle, Minneapolis, MN, USA (0-1, 171, 5'11", 30, 08-23-1975, Rudy Rogers) by TKO.
    The fight opened with a flurry of punches by both fighters with Cunningham's being more effective. Stahle was knocked down and received an 8 count. Again, a flurry of punches ensued and again Stahle dropped to his knees from the strength of Cunningham's strikes. Referee Carl Duncan stopped the fight at :33 in round one.

  9. Men's Amateur MT Heavyweight
    Rudy Rogers, Minneapolis, MN, USA (4-3, 210 5'8", 34, Rick Faye (612) 821-8600) defeated Trirata Earmsmuth, Chicago, IL, USA (1-3, 210 6'0", 34, 04-06-1971, Kafnjak Sor Pleoncait (708) 895-6542) by split decision 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29.
    This was a much anticipated fight as Earmsmuth's intensive Muay Thai training was matched against Rogers' variety of art styles. The first round began slowly with both fighters wary of the others power. Earmsmuth started with kicks to the body as Rogers attempted to trap and counter. Earnsmuth threw a round kick followed by several jumping punches landing on Rogers' head. Earmsmuth continued to be the initial attacker throughout the round as Rogers used his evasion skills to counter attack. In the second round, Rogers took kicks from Earmsmuth and was able to get inside to land several blows to Earmsmuth body. Earmsmuth stopped the onslaught by establishing a clench. This pair used knees in the clench to demonstrate the best muay thai fighting of the evening. After the clench was broken, three front kicks by Earmsmuth grazed Rogers as Rogers parried and countered right punches to the body. Rogers controlled the remainder of the second round by staying just inside Earmsmuth's optimum range leaving Earmsmuth's attacks ineffective. The final round opened with Earmsmuth landing a strong leg kick. As Earmsmuth threw a roundkick to Rogers' head, Rogers kicked Earmsmuth supporting leg. Again, Rogers was able to diffuse Earmsmuth's superior height advantage with blocks and evasions. Rogers was able to land a kick to the body and a hook to the head before a clench and the end of the round. The win was given to Rogers in a split decision.

  10. Men's Amateur MT Light Middleweight
    Jason Skow, Decatur, IL, USA (4-1, 161.5, 5'6", 21, 09-05-1984, Bradd Bragg, ( ? ) 429-5508) defeated Andy Uhlenkamp, Cedar Falls, IA, USA (2-3, 159.5, 6'0", 19, 05-09-1986, (712) 790-7180) by TKO.
    The main event for the evening was a rematch from a March 2005 blood bath. During the intermission before the fight, a video of the previous fight between the two was shown to the crowd where Uhlenkamp was victorious. The crowd expected nothing less for the rematch. The fight opened with Uhlenkamp throwing a front kick to Skow's body and Skow having to get up from a flash knock down. In the clench, Uhlenkamp used powerful knees to slow down Skow. Unfettered after the clench, Skow bridged the gap in their distance with leg kicks and hooks eventually causing another clench. Once in the clench, Uhlenkamp maintained the necessary room to throw knees to Skow's body. This scenario repeated before Skow was able to throw numerous punches to Uhlenkamp's head. Uhlenkamp stayed in the game with leg kicks. It appeared the crowd's hope for repeat battle would happen. Unfortunately, Uhlenkamp complained of dizziness and blurry vision before the start of the second round and was not able to continue. Skow won the fight by TKO. The judges scorecards showed two judges giving the first round to Uhlenkamp and one judge for Skow. We will look forward to Skow vs. Uhlenkamp 3.